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Matthew Hodgdon -- Mt Airy MD.

About My Favorite Vehicles

A 1994 Ford Explorer XLT with a 4L 6 cylinder engine and the trailer & tow package. Her nickname was 'Blue'. Dad specially ordered it through Century Ford. This was my dad's first truck-like vehicle. My first ride in it was coming home from the hospital after being born. I enjoyed working on it with him. And we enjoyed many trips together in it, especially our bird watching trips to Maryland's Eastern Shore. Saidly in 2010 she was beyond repair and we donated her to the Goodwill for them to auction off.

My tractor is a 2012 John Deere Model x530, with a 24hp engine. My dad purchased this in 2012 after retiring our 1974 Model 112. We have the following attachments: mower deck, front blade, tire chains, rear wheel weights & a double bucket holder. I enjoy taking it to a friends house that has ten acres and helping him mow.

My dad and I use the double 5gal bucket holder to clean up trash on the road behind my house. When it snows we not only plow our driveway with it but also some of our neighbors driveways too. The winter of 2013 meant 6-8 hours plowing some snow falls.

About Matthew

I like working on things. My Dad and I have repaired, rebuilt and dismantled many things together over the years. I have had the chance to make parts on a Bridgeport mill and a lathe where my dad use to work. email

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