Paul Luhman -- Apple Valley Minnesota

About My Car

A 1973 Mustang. All stock except wheels and tires. 50K original miles.
This model year was the last of the classic Mustang Era.

About Paul

I have been attending car shows all over Minnesota for well over 15 years. My enjoyment is when young kids show an interest not only in my car but any classic car. After all, if our hobby has a future it will be through today's kids.
During the past few years, I am letting kids, with their parent's permission, sit in the driver's seat and have mom or dad take their photo. The look on a kid's face when you ask them if they would like to sit in the car is very rewarding.
That got me thinking. I remember collecting baseball cards as a kid, and how much I cherished them, So I thought it would be fun to hand out baseball type cards of my car to these kids. The Classic Car Lover website was the only one found on the subject. Wes Remley delivered my new Classic Car Trading Cards in a timely manner. I was delighted with the quality of service and price. Thank You, Wes!

The Classic Car Lover
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