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Scott Hodgdon -- Mt Airy MD.

About My Vehicles

My car was a 1974 Dodge Charger with a 318 engine. I was the second owner when it was nine years old with some 60k miles. I had the exterior restored in 1988. I never touched the engine, except for dual exhaust. I sold it in 2003.

My Tractor is a 1974 John Deere Model 112 with a 12hp Kohler engine. My dad purchased this new from Gladhill Brothers. He traded in a 1960's Model 110 on it with a front blade, mower and tiller. We kept the dump cart and had the hitch modified to fit the new tractor. When dad passed away in 1977, I was eleven and took on job of maintaining it.

After a transmission failure in 2012, it was decided to retire it. My son and I spent that summer restoring it, most of which was repainting. We enjoy putting it inantique tractors shows and our local fire department parades.

We have created a poster about the history, like you see at car shows, that we display at the tractor shows. I have also written a 32 pages history of my family with John Deere Tractors.

About Scott

I like getting my hands dirty. I first became a grease monkey in 1977 when I started doing the servicing of the family tractor. This also fits with by career as a Mechanical Design Engineer. I like design, but I like building what I design too. email

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