Wes Remley -- Quakertown PA.

About My Car

A 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle-SS with a 396 engine and automatic 3 Speed transmission. Mostly original parts.

About Wes Remley

Wes Remley's facination for Muscle Cars grew over many years. He was always thinking and planning "What if I owned this car or that car?" As with most of us, he would always have family matters or other pressing needs to easily discourage him from making a commitment to own his Dream Car. Then one day he saw his 'True Love' '69 Chevy up for sale. The temptation to buy/not to buy was too overwhealming this time. Wes had to have this Car! ................................

Wes shows his Chevy at many Car Shows in the Quakertown Pa. area and has won several trophies.

His enjoyment is meeting other Classic Car Lovers and sharing stories about car ownership and sharing ideas.

The Classic Car Lover
Wes Remley, Quakertown PA, USA
215-820-9059 email
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